Meatless Monday

For this eco-friendly Friday, we are going to be planning ahead for that dreaded Monday lurking around the corner. I am talking about going meat-free once a week. Even if you are an avid meat eater, going without meat every Monday can make a big difference and it's a good way to explore new dining options. … Continue reading Meatless Monday


Another Friday, another easy way to make a positive impact on the environment. Hopefully your week has gone well and with payday here it is the perfect time to talk about buying yourself a little something. So what does BYOC stand for? Bring your own cup, as in bringing your own cup everywhere you go. We touched … Continue reading BYOC

The Review I Wanted to Write About Ethique, But Didn’t

Shampoo bars? Conditioner bars? Even deodorant all completely in bar form. No plastic bottles. No plastic wrapping. Consider me equal parts skeptical and intrigued. Recently I have been double checking my sources when it comes to "all-natural" products to make sure that I'm not falling prey to greenwashing. Can't trick me with leaves in your … Continue reading The Review I Wanted to Write About Ethique, But Didn’t