The helicoptermom. She can't leave her kids be. She's always lurking, lingering, watching them, playing along on the playground. What an absolute--ly good mother. I just realized recently how much the term "helicopter parent" infuriates me. Are we really at a point in society where we shame parents for paying attention and staying involved? But [...]

Learn Mom’s Number

Learn Mom’s Number

Have you ever wondered how your child would reach you if dialing your phone number was up to them? The first time I asked my oldest son what my phone number was, he recited the password to my phone and not the number to call it. Maybe it's my anxiety or the mother bear in me [...]

First Night With The Snuza

As it turns out, you can actually buy peace of mind. I can admit to being over protective and a total worry wart but I can't be the only mom who's constantly checking up on her baby. Night after night I catch myself getting up just to make sure that Baby A is still breathing. Nerves over SIDS [...]

Homemade Cleaners

You buy disinfectant to keep your family safe from bacteria and germs, but the ingredients in that bottle are more dangerous than you think.  I don't want to ramble on too far before I actually get into the recipes behind my cleaners, but I do want to stress the importance of at least considering them. [...]

Baby Proofing

The wonderful world of baby proofing. It's funny because baby proofing is something we do that makes our children much safer, but it makes our lives much more complicated than it needs to be. Simple tasks like getting into a cupboard now require three hands and a crowbar...but at least baby won't eat the dish [...]