Sleep Well

Just a little goodnight poem for all of the sleepy babies out there. I'm curious how long you will let me hold you, Not just tonight, but forever. You are smiling and laughing, deep in your sleep, While we cuddle closely together. Your eyes, they are resting as mine rest on you, Your breaths are [...]

I Hope

I hope you grow up to be smart, I hope you have a lot of heart, I hope you care about the planet, I hope you know and understand it, I hope the world takes care of you, Grass stays green and skies stay blue. And always know that I love you. 

Hey Little One

Hey little one, open your eyes, Let mom and dad help hush your cries, Hey little one, can I hold your hand? I'll hold it tight, that's my only plan. Hey little one, I like your smile, I've dreamed about it quite a while, Hey little one, can I kiss your cheek? I love you so, [...]

What We See

I'm curious what it is you see, When you look up at your mom, I'm curious what you see in me, If maybe what I see is wrong. I'm curious what it is you see, When we lay down for bed, I'm curious what you see in me, If it's different than you said. 'Cause [...]

When You’re Gone

My ex husband has visitation with my oldest son every other weekend and though I am getting used to it, it never stops feeling like a whole in my chest when he isn't around. When you're gone my heart is heavy, My brain is useless, palms are sweaty, I fear I'm always close to tears, It's [...]

Who I Am

For my sons.. You keep me on my toes, You can bring me to my knees, You take away my breath, And you're the reason that I breathe, I don't know who I was before, Before the world gave you to me, Of one thing, though, I am sure, This is who I'm supposed to be.  

A Mother’s Love

I will hold your hand until you let me go, Guide you until your eyes are better than my own, Walk beside you until my pace is slow, Stay behind you when you're on your own, I will keep a plate and save a chair, Because a mother's love is always there.