Oops! The Elf

With our living space being so open and the boys being too young to know not to touch the elf, our creativity is a little limited when it comes to his day to day activities. Thankfully I have a collection of fellow mommies with toddlers who post their ideas to Facebook and Insta for me [...]

Well, You Broke It

Boys, am I right? Right now my two and three-year-old are wrestling by my feet on the couch, action figures are all over the table and my coffee is getting cold. The wrestling has turned into my two-year-old sitting on his brothers head. I refuse to intervene anymore unless someone cries. Motherhood. Little boys are [...]

Kids are Scary

The idea of having kids scares a lot of people and actually being a parent can be terrifying for a multitude of reasons, but then there are the days where you kind of want to look at your kid sideways and inquire if they're really okay. Know what I mean? My oldest, Morrison, has been [...]

Potty Training II

Potty Training II

Whether or not you have read Potty Training Made Easy, this is the sequel to that post. Putting our second child on the toilet made it clear to me that my previous advice, while still accurate, may not be all-inclusive (I would suspect that there might even be a post that follows this one in the future [...]

Why My Kids Aren’t Vegans

Why My Kids Aren’t Vegans

This has been a question that I've had to answer quite a few times since I went vegan. Are your kids vegan now? And the short answer is no, they're not. But if I think that veganism is a better diet, better for the economy and the environment then why on Earth would I be [...]

Sunday Funnies

I spent some time recovering from a bought of laryngitis this week. Despite that big bummer, my boys managed to bring me a few silent (and mildly painful) chuckles. Let's take it back to Tuesday night. Given my lack of voice, I was left with nothing but whispers to give my children answers and instructions [...]

Mommy Misconceptions

Having kids there are so many things that we think we know, and it gets annoying to hear the repetitive information like, "diapers are expensive," or "you won't be able to do *blank* anymore." Perhaps the best advice, though, comes in the form of eye rolls and chuckles. You know, when you tell a seasoned [...]