Oops! The Elf

With our living space being so open and the boys being too young to know not to touch the elf, our creativity is a little limited when it comes to his day to day activities. Thankfully I have a collection of fellow mommies with toddlers who post their ideas to Facebook and Insta for me [...]

Well, You Broke It

Boys, am I right? Right now my two and three-year-old are wrestling by my feet on the couch, action figures are all over the table and my coffee is getting cold. The wrestling has turned into my two-year-old sitting on his brothers head. I refuse to intervene anymore unless someone cries. Motherhood. Little boys are [...]

Sunday Funnies

I spent some time recovering from a bought of laryngitis this week. Despite that big bummer, my boys managed to bring me a few silent (and mildly painful) chuckles. Let's take it back to Tuesday night. Given my lack of voice, I was left with nothing but whispers to give my children answers and instructions [...]

Mommy Misconceptions

Having kids there are so many things that we think we know, and it gets annoying to hear the repetitive information like, "diapers are expensive," or "you won't be able to do *blank* anymore." Perhaps the best advice, though, comes in the form of eye rolls and chuckles. You know, when you tell a seasoned [...]


The helicoptermom. She can't leave her kids be. She's always lurking, lingering, watching them, playing along on the playground. What an absolute--ly good mother. I just realized recently how much the term "helicopter parent" infuriates me. Are we really at a point in society where we shame parents for paying attention and staying involved? But [...]

Out in Public

Out in Public

When my husband and I began working new shifts I wasn't exactly running towards the door with kids in tow all the time to do things on my own. It sounded like a lot of work and frankly, I wasn't going to be the mom toting three wild things, a diaper bag, and my own [...]

The Best Dinosaur Birthday

The Best Dinosaur Birthday

We have a lot of birthdays all right in a row and if that isn't enough stress, I'm also that mom who always tries to DIY all of the decorations. This year my middle little was excited to have a prehistoric celebration and made sure that everyone knew about it. "What do you want for your [...]