Counting Down to Wellness

If you've been paying close attention to my Instagram account you may have seen the Christmas countdown that's been going on, which has very unfortunately become a hopeful countdown to wellness. Little Archie has come down with a case of the extreme sniffles quite suddenly. Poor thing's nose is completely caked in snot and he's all [...]

Archie’s Black Eye

A few days before Halloween this year I walked into an honest to goodness horror movie scene starring my own kid. Blood all over the floor, blood all over my two-year-old. I was so incredibly mortified I froze with my hands up in the air. In case you've been wondering about that black eye from [...]

Oops! The Elf

With our living space being so open and the boys being too young to know not to touch the elf, our creativity is a little limited when it comes to his day to day activities. Thankfully I have a collection of fellow mommies with toddlers who post their ideas to Facebook and Insta for me [...]

Well, You Broke It

Boys, am I right? Right now my two and three-year-old are wrestling by my feet on the couch, action figures are all over the table and my coffee is getting cold. The wrestling has turned into my two-year-old sitting on his brothers head. I refuse to intervene anymore unless someone cries. Motherhood. Little boys are [...]

Eco-Friendly Friday

Eco-Friendly Friday

Did you know that approximately 3.5 billion toothbrushes are sold worldwide each year? How many of those do you think are plastic, destined to sit in a landfill or float through the oceans forever? This week we're going to kick off the start to our eco-friendly Fridays with bamboo toothbrushes! I'm sure you've seen these [...]

My Grove Collaborative

My Grove Collaborative

If you have any form of social media I'm sure you've seen advertisements for Grove Collaborative at least once in your news feeds (mine pop up on Facebook and Instagram all the time). Typically they include some kind of freebie like a set of Mrs. Meyers cleaning products, which I'm a huge fan of, but [...]

Kids are Scary

The idea of having kids scares a lot of people and actually being a parent can be terrifying for a multitude of reasons, but then there are the days where you kind of want to look at your kid sideways and inquire if they're really okay. Know what I mean? My oldest, Morrison, has been [...]