Today is the NOT the first day of Autumn, that’s tomorrow, but I am so excited I cannot hold it in. I have been waiting to post this blog for six long months. Making decorations for the holidays and seasons is by far one of my favorite crafts to do. Last year I found a fun way to incorporate the toddler f1and this year I’m hoping to also get the baby in on it.

Sometimes I get called a “hoarder” around the house because of the things I tend to keep that most people would just toss away. For example, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls and empty glass jars. These are some of the things that I turned into my Halloween crafts last year.

Long story short, as a little girl I did a lot of crafts. My mom set up a table in our garage with everything a crafty kid could ever dream of. I have tried to provide a lot of crafting supplies for my son because he is interested in paints, crayons and all of those fun things. However, last night I realized that there are a lot of crafting supplies that our house is lacking.