Buy Local

Happy eco-friendly Friday everyone! With spring right around the corner, I think it’s important to talk for a moment about supporting some of your local businesses. To be a bit more specific, supporting your local farms!


You may not see the connection right away but paying big cooperations to track food in from all over the country isn’t doing you or the environment any good. Take a broccoli crown for example. If that broccoli was picked on Monday, packaged by Tuesday, delivered by Thursday, and you bought it on Saturday it could have already lost “70% of its vitamin C and beta-carotene and 50% of its antioxidant activity.” What nutrients are all of our other foods losing on route to our tables? Local farms, however, are traditionally very quick with getting food out and for sale. This means less waiting time and more nutrient availability.

Howe about the travel? Food transport causes an abundance of CO emissions, and while some areas have to rely on it due to a lack of farming in their communities, it’s not necessary for everyone to rely on it. The Conscious Club has an interesting video that’s free to watch about discovering your food footprint and sites that “in many cases, Western society routinely purchases food that was grown more than 1000 miles away and transported to the local grocery store.” The link to their page will be posted below (warning: they discuss a lot of meat).

Meanwhile, local farms are working the majority of the year to produce fresh fruits and vegetables not far from your home. Keep your eye out for signs advertising small shops that carry bulk grains, co-ops, farmer’s markets and search for a CSA in your area. We’re excited to be a part of our first CSA this year and looking forward to all of the delicious local goodies that will come from it.

Keep coming back for more and remember that if you love the earth she’ll love us back.



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