Make Your Own

The cupboards in your home are packed full of possibilities and it’s up to you to tap into what you’re capable of. When we go to the store to buy everything already made for us we’re doing a huge disservice to ourselves and the environment.


Much of what we purchase in stores comes with its own waste including tapes, plastic wraps, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles or jars, lids, caps, etc. and our role in waste production begins the moment we buy those items. When you remove safety seals and/or unwrap plastic cling that’s your second contribution to waste. Fast forward to when that product runs out and you have no use for the empty bottle, into the trash it goes.


Store bought products often aren’t packed full of the most nourishing ingredients. Whether we’re talking about household cleaners, beauty products or food items a quick glance at most ingredient lists reveals dozens of hard to pronounce chemical names and even though some of them may be “harmless” in theory there is no need for ten to fifteen ingredients in a bottle of lotion when you can make your own using just three. Similarly, there is no need for overly processed treats when you can make your own at home for much less.


Money, the root of much more stress than it deserves and a top deterrent when it comes to making positive, high-impact changes in our own lives. Even I’m guilty of letting finances hold me back from simple changes like going to the gym, but what if you could make life-changing, positive decisions that save you money too?

Often times buying products that use quality ingredients and sustainable packaging means paying two to five times more than buying something that comes wrapped in plastic and packed with subpar ingredients. The big “aha moment” is making those high-quality products yourself and eliminating the middle man.


Getting ready to be a DIY mastermind means you will have to make some initial investments, but you don’t have to make them all at once and transitioning slowly gives you the opportunity to ask for supplies as gifts for holidays or even your birthday. Something to consider stocking up on when you see good prices are glass storage containers.

  • Start trying to teach yourself the fundamentals of baking so you can master making your own treats and snacks around the house. Baking is a fun way to cut back on unnecessary packaging while taking control of the food your family eats.
  • Stock up on skincare essentials like soap base, beeswax, different oils, shea butter, etc. With enough diversity in your cupboard, there is so much you can do.
  • Even seemingly complicated products like cleaners, detergents and carpet powders can be made at home using just a handful of ingredients.

Take your time.

Like most things in life, if we rush in and try to giphy-11do too much at once, we will get burnt out and maybe even give up. Instead, try planning ahead to make changes as you go and be firm with yourself on what your goals are like, “when I run out of this lotion, I’m going to buy the ingredients to make my own instead of just a new bottle.”

Even with my relationship with the environment, I don’t push myself to make changes faster than I am comfortable with because that’s not what’s good for my journey. Additionally, it’s not good for the earth either. Throwing away half-full plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner because you want to go plastic-free today is just you doing an injustice to you and the planet.

Keep making positive changes y’all and tune in again for a new eco-friendly Friday next week. In the meantime, let’s stay connected, follow us on Insta.


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