Another Friday, another easy way to make a positive impact on the environment. Hopefully your week has gone well and with payday here it is the perfect time to talk about buying yourself a little something.

So what does BYOC stand for? Bring your own cup, as in bringing your own cup everywhere you go. We touched base on plastic bottles way back last Spring in Buy Less Plastic but we never really talked too much about alternatives. It’s no brain buster that if you want to cut back on coffee cups and water bottles that a reusable mug or coffee cup is the way to go, but the replacement you choose is important too.

We all have preferences when it comes to cups, some like glass, others prefer stainless steel and a few real oddballs actually enjoy sipping out of plastic. To the latter I say, please adapt. Plastic, even when we reuse it dozens of times is still a detriment to the planet when you consider it’s production, among other concerns. When you buy a reusable cup, bottle or mug, make sure it’s one that you won’t feel weird or bothered carrying around with you.

Our house has an assortment of reusable cups for adults and the kiddos so that we’re never encouraged to buy anything single use.

When buying new bottles or cups I always opt for:

  • Stainless steel.
  • One with a handle.
  • Something that has a seal/closing lid.

Anything with an open-top encourages spills and makes it impossible to pack into a purse or backpack. I’m also way more inclined to grab a bottle that has a handle so that I can take it on adventures without fear that I’ll drop it somewhere.

Why stainless steel? First of all, because anything but plastic. Second, because I have a bad habit of breaking glass water bottles (my last one didn’t even make it past the parking lot where I bought it). Another big issue with a lot of glass water bottles is that they come with silicone or plastic sleeves to “protect” them, but these ultimately just end up getting thrown away later. So if you do opt for a glass cup, make sure it’s sleeveless.


Keep coming back for eco-friendly Friday advice, stay tuned on Instagram for family updates, and as always, thanks for reading!



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