Clean With Rags

Happy eco-friendly Friday everyone, it’s time to save a lot of green on the Earth and in your pockets. This one is super simple and you probably have everything you need to get started already.

I would really like to bring attention to the fact that most of the eco-friendly tips we’ve gone over so far are money-savers. I think there is a huge misconception that saving the planet means making expensive changes or big upfront investments, and that is just not true.

When it comes to cleaning the vast majority of people grab for things like single-use cleaning wipes (yuck) or paper towels. Either way that adds up to quite a bit of waste. In paper towels alone, the United States stacks up a whopping 13 BILLION pounds each year and that number has been steadily increasing. Which begs the question, isn’t there a better way?

Using things from around the house has worked out very well for us. In fact, there are even some cleaning companies in our area that swear by using machine washable rags over single-use paper towels. This is partly because they are more cost-effective but also because they produce superior results.

Items that can be used for cleaning rags include:

  • Torn t-shirts
  • Torn sweatpants
  • Old sweatshirts
  • Washcloths
  • Terrycloth towels

Things that I don’t recommend include old sweaters because they leave behind an abundance of fuzz, and microfiber cloths of any kind. Basically, if you go to donate something and find that it has passed it’s prime, cut it up and use it to clean your counters. You won’t be disappointed and the Earth will thank you.

Stay tuned each week for more ways to lean closer to a green existence and as always, thanks for reading.

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