Skip a Shower

Happy eco-friendly Friday everyone, today I want to talk to you about your water consumption and challenge you to figure out your honest water footprint. Similar to a carbon footprint this test from will help you determine exactly where you stand with wasting, or not wasting, one of our most valuable resources.

So why skip a shower? Surely there are dozens of changes that you can make around your home and in day to day life that will have a greater impact on your water footprint, but eco-friendly Fridays are about breaking habits! Not buying those water bottles, checking the thrift shop for a new top, and even switching up your daily routines.


Showering daily is not good for you.

That’s right, I said it. Unless you’re downright filthy, your daily shower routine is nothing more than a bad habit. Hopping in the shower too often can cause hair breakage (especially if you wash it every day), and dry skin. Whereas showering less often can cause hair to self-regulate oils, and can even strengthen your immune system. Every day good bacteria thrive on your skin. Sounds nasty, but all of those good bacteria help to build up a strong and healthy immune system that can better fight off germs and bad bacteria.

What if you didn’t get dirty, but you have body odor?

Body odor is nothing to be ashamed of since it literally happens to everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to walk around with it. Some people naturally expel more odors than others even if they’re perfectly clean. Take a wet, mildly soapy washcloth to your armpits and reapply your aluminum-free deodorant, then carry on with your day.

It sounds foul if you’ve never heard it all before, but your body has it’s own ways of keeping clean or telling you when it’s not, and it’s important to not overdo it in the bathroom.

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