Naughty Pig

Juicebox is officially one!

That’s right, this mischievous little mister turned one on December 31st. With his age came a new understanding that it’s really time to start cracking down and training Juicebox to follow some rules. This means no more chewing on the dining room chairs, no more standing on the dishwasher door, and no getting into cupboards.

If you stay up to date with us on Instagram you probably already knew about Juicy’s birthday and may have even thumbed through the following pictures, for those of you who don’t follow along here’s what happened.


We babyproofed for Juicebox as well as we possibly could given that there aren’t pig-proofing kits on the market just yet and childproof locks aren’t that strong.

Last month I came home from work to the complete destruction of my kitchen. Juicebox had managed to bust through the lazy susan lock and proceeded to eat two boxes of cereal, three boxes of dried pasta, one box of gluten-free pasta and one package of Ramen noodles without the seasoning packet. He also dented several cans, broke open a bag of flour, and opened several packages of dried beans. I relocated everything that was salvageable, but we had a very bloated and unhappy pig for a couple days.


Check out more pictures of Juicebox and the rest of our wild bunch by following along on Insta and as always, thanks for reading!


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