Donate It

When I was putting together all of my stats for Thrift It, the eco-friendly Friday post from last week, I was shocked to find out that the average American throws away more than 81 pounds of clothing in a year.

And that’s just clothes!

Growing up my mother always bagged our unwanted things to be donated or lumped them into a garage sale pile. It was cathartic to see things that once served us so well find new homes when we outgrew them. My little dollhouse that talked was the hardest to let go of and I’m sure eventually that dollhouse ran out of lives and found it’s way into someone’s rubbish bin, but it wasn’t ours.

The purge of old things feels so good in the long run.


But getting rid of your clutter cannot be a one-step process, it’s not enough to simply bag everything up and get it out of your house. Your old things have to wind up somewhere and it’s your responsibility to make sure that’s not a landfill. Most communities have donation bins, centers, and a couple thrift stores. Pick one and make it your go-to donation spot or spread the wealth. You can even receive receipts from most thrift stores and donation centers turning your good deeds into tax deductions.

Something too big to drive?

If it won’t fit in your car I don’t expect you to hire a moving company to transport your donated goods. What you can do is carry it out to the curb and place a “FREE” sign on whatever it is. Chances are some passerby with a pickup truck might just take your unwanted goodies.

Double the chances of someone finding your treasure by putting it out the day after garbage day. This gives people extra time to find it! Triple your chances by listing it on Facebook or Craigslist as a free item, or even throw a price tag on it and see what happens.

Worst case scenario no one wants your curb decor and it ends up going to the trash gods anyway, but at least you’ll have the peace of mind that you tried to give it a second chance at life.


Decluttering on the brain? We have posts for that.

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