House Hacks: {Paint}

Keep your walls looking freshly painted for a lifetime with this easy trick.

No one wants to leave their walls covered in dings, but pulling out paint cans and all of the necessary accessories to keep them presentable is asking way too much. I know a house with kids is bound to look “lived-in” but after all of the work my husband and I put into getting this home and keeping it clean, I refuse to go down without a fight.

This is a little trick that I stumbled on accidentally back when I was painting the bathroom at our old apartment. Instead of tossing aside my leftover paint, I poured it into an old mason jar hopeful that it wouldn’t go bad and tucked it away in the pantry. I had all but forgot about it when moving time came this Summer and was surprised to find it still entirely usable almost two years later.


You can get nice mason jars just about anywhere and they serve a multitude of purposes, this being a pretty cool one. I use little sponge brushes for my touchups (Dollar Store) because they leave the same texture behind as a paint roller, so you would never know there was a patch job there. I’m so thankful for this little timesaver, our walls look good as new and it was a frustration-free fix.

Did it come in handy for you too?
Leave a comment below!

Store with your lightbulbs and batteries to never lose track of them and stay tuned for more helpful house hacks in the future. As always, thanks for reading.



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