Juicebox the Pig

One month has passed. One long educational month of having a pig in the family.

When Juicebox first came to us I was so proud of all the research that I had done about having a miniature pig. My husband and I felt prepared, certain there wasn’t going to be any drawbacks for us.

Juicebox had some other plans.

First, we didn’t assemble a pigpen before he came because we wanted him to be able to roam free in our yard. This proved to be a major mistake. Although watching how quickly he could til up our entire yard was comical it definitely left things a bit more muddy than we expected. So building a pig pen is something I would 10/10 recommend doing before bringing home a pig.



When Juicebox first came home, he wasn’t interested in coming inside. In fact, he flat out refused to go any further than our back porch. These days Juicebox has been through the entire house and enjoys exploring it. However, he won’t hesitate to return to his room (the kitchen) and attempt to close his gate behind him when he’s had enough commotion for one night.

In just one month Juicy’s entire personality has really come to light. Pigs are well known for their intelligence but almost equally known for being destructive. Juicebox definitely exemplifies both, but when it comes to his destructive nature it’s typically when he is in need of something that he can’t communicate to us. Similar to learning how to live with a new dog or a new person, you have to truly pay attention to a pig’s cues and remember their meanings. This is important on so many levels, you don’t want to mistake potty squeals for hungry squeals and take an extra minute to get there. You’ll be staring at a piggy puddle bigger than you can imagine.


Two of my favorite Juicebox quirks:

  1. He needs to be tucked in. Much like getting a toddler to bed he really enjoys getting a little extra attention before lulling off to dreamland.
  2. His tail, which usually falls straight down, curls up whenever he gets really excited. You can see what I mean if you go back and look at the picture of him running around with his little pumpkin.

To wrap things up:

Build the pigpen, even if you still plan on allowing your pig to roam the full length of your yard it is important for them to have their own space to muddy up. Since pigs need at least a few hours of outside time every day, you’ll want a contained space to let them pig out. Then just be ready to essentially have a giant puppy in your house, and remember to be patient and kind while they’re learning your social cues and you’re learning theirs.

Stay tuned for more updates and as always, thanks for reading!

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