The Review I Wanted to Write About Ethique, But Didn’t

Shampoo bars? Conditioner bars? Even deodorant all completely in bar form.

No plastic bottles. No plastic wrapping. Consider me equal parts skeptical and intrigued. Recently I have been double checking my sources when it comes to “all-natural” products to make sure that I’m not falling prey to greenwashing. Can’t trick me with leaves in your logo and a cutesy little brand name.

Cut to Ethique, who preaches sustainable sourcing, vegan products, free from cruelty, palm oil and plastic. With prices that are super affordable and all of those claims to meet, I truly expected these products to be a bit of rubbish. Thankfully, I get to report that I was beyond wrong.


My hair and skin are a bit problematic so it is often a long shot that new products will be able to work for someone with issues like mine. With my hair, I have a dry scalp, greasy roots, and dry ends. Talk about not being able to make up your mind, my hair has been a nightmare for years and finding products that work but also meet my passion for the environment is extremely tough. A really neat product that you can score off the Ethique website or even Amazon is the Ethique Hair Sampler. This gives you the opportunity to try out multiple products for just $17, guys I do not work for this company. I am not receiving money for this post or free products (although totally open to collab if anyone from Ethique is reading *wink, wink*).

Ethique is paving the way.

This company is proving that getting away from plastic and harsh chemicals is easier and less expensive than we have been led to believe.

Why didn’t I want to write this review?

It’s simple, I wanted to try each of the products that I had ordered and look deeper into the company first to make sure that I was going to be telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

After quite a bit of testing, on myself and the kids, it was easy for me to see that they truly have something for everyone. I found that the St Clements shampoo works for everyone in this house despite our different hair needs, as does the Wonderbar conditioner. As for their other products I 10/10 recommend getting yourself a butter bar!

Check out their collaboration with Bindi Irwin here!

Thanks for reading everyone and Happy Eco-Friendly Friday!



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