Introducing: Juicebox the Pig

Consider the cat out of the bag, my husband and I adopted a pig from a wonderful woman operating the Pigsburgh Squealers Rescue out of Pennsylvania.


Meet Juicebox.

Juicy is one of eleven little piggies whose mother (a potbelly pig) was rescued after being dropped off on a pork farm. Apparently, one of the other pigs had eyes for her and along came the Shakespeare 11 (some of which have yet to find their forever homes – you can find them on Facebook if you search for the rescue).

To be entirely truthful, I searched tirelessly for months gathering all of the information that I could about the negatives of having a pet pig in your house. I wanted to make sure that both my husband and I were going to be prepared for chewed on whatevers and knocked over everythings. “He’ll dig up the whole yard, he’s going to poop a lot, he could be feisty.” I drove all the bad things that could come into my hubby’s head relentlessly, and then he found Juicebox.


The quirky part about all of the “bad things” that come from having a pig at home is how humorous they really are. I definitely didn’t expect that he could tear up half the yard in a day, it was one of those Mom’s iPhone vs. the Microwave moments and now we have a proper piggy pen in the making.

In addition to an abundance of old blankets, a couple crinkly toys, and two XXL food dishes we also bought a security camera to keep an eye on Juicebox while we are out of the house. I’ll link the one we bought below, it was only $20, required minimal setup and connects through Wi-Fi to an app on your phone.

After we get our pig pen up the only other big move is getting Juicebox into the house. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem ready just yet to be an indoor pig. He and our dog Ruca are just starting to see eye to eye, but the kids still really freak him out (something I can understand on a spiritual level).

Look out for more updates on Juicy’s journey and as always, thanks for reading.

$20 Security Camera???


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