Life Update

Spring. Everything becomes so fresh when the weather turns warm and sweet in preparation for Summer. The flowers are up, the night air is crisp, and if you’re reading this from a cozy seat here in New York, everything is wet because it hasn’t stopped raining for days.

I’m not one for being dreary on a dreary day. I love the rain and gray skies more than anyone else that I know but not right now, not this month. We’re waiting on very important answers to very important questions at the moment and I can only sit and stew while we wait. While cathartic, even just writing about it feels like a chore now because of how many times I’ve been drawn to my computer to do what feels like the longest book report ever in recent months.

We’re buying a house.

Trying to anyway. In fact, the realtor has gone as far as to put a SOLD sticker on the sign out front but the final approval isn’t in hand and neither are the keys so it doesn’t quite feel real yet. There are butterflies in my belly, a ticking clock on our interest rate and I am trying to muster up the patience for another month of packing.

As for the house, I won’t be going into great detail about it for now but I will say that it is everything we ever asked for at a price we can afford. We are so fortunate to have just found it and I will be continuing to cross my fingers with hopes that it doesn’t fall through.

Asking for positive vibes!


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