5 Necessities for Giving Your Son a Haircut

Raising kids doesn’t come with a guidebook, but luckily if you search every corner of the internet and ask everyone that you know for advice at least one time you might just make it through this parenting thing alive.

Haircuts aren’t expensive for little boys, to be honest, there’s even a place in town that offers $15 cuts on a certain day of the week. However, for someone with three sons like myself, $15 x 3 plus a tip and all of my patience for the day makes it much savvier to just stay in and do it at home.


Here are some tips to make that a little easier for you.


If you’re going to give your kid a haircut, the first thing that you should invest in is a good set of clippers. They don’t have to be expensive either! Check out some reviews and make sure the set that you purchase has various guard lengths. (This way they won’t be breaking down or jamming up halfway through a haircut, leaving your kid looking like the victim of a bad prank).


The second thing you should keep on hand is a roll of duct tape. Just kidding, that’s going to border on illegal. Have patience! It’s SO frustrating to try cutting a straight line when your kid keeps moving, but you have to stay calm or they won’t either.


Have a Plan B. If you have one specific idea in mind and you refuse to budge on it, it’s best to just suck it up and haul the kids off to the barber. Little kids move a lot, especially when the person cutting their hair is their mother instead of a total stranger, so have a Plan C as well. I’m serious, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve just shaved it all off.


Keep your broom and dustpan close by. You don’t want to trust your toddler with a pile of hair while you fetch the broom, it gets quite messy.


Plan out your incentives. Kids want a prize for sitting perfectly still for twenty minutes straight since it takes an enormous amount of restraint for them to do so, I offer my kids bubble baths and a special treat to keep them still while I cut their hair.

Listen, we’re moms and we make mistakes. Ten years from now my first born will find the picture of his wonky hairline from when he flinched mid-haircut at two-years-old and hopefully we’ll have a laugh about it. Since then my hairdressing abilities have improved saving us a few hundred dollars, easy. So give it a try, what’s the worse thing that could happen?

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