Buy Less Plastic

Happy eco-friendly Friday everyone! This one seems like a super obvious topic but let’s touch base on some of the things we buy without giving it a single thought. We’ve already gone over toothbrushes and disposable razors in some of our earlier discussions, but there are so many other household items that come in plastic for no necessary purpose.

We all know that plastic straws and bottles aren’t friends with the wilderness, but our plastic use is out of control in other aspects as well.

For my first example, I’m going to use my recent shopping experience. The other day while I was out to get groceries I had olive oil on my list but when I got to that aisle there was only one brand that came in a glass bottle. If my memory serves correctly the glass bottle was a couple dollars more than the others, but it’s a small price to pay to make the better choice. Conscious options aren’t always more expensive though, in fact, a lot of the time they can be significantly cheaper.

Buying milk that comes in a cardboard carton or tampons that have a cardboard applicator rather than a plastic one are two less expensive choices that also have a monumental impact.giphy-6 Speaking of plastic applicators, thousands of them wind up in freshwater systems and the ocean each year due to being flushed down the toilet! I’m not saying flushing applicators of any kind is okay because let’s face it that’s what the garbage is for, but at least cardboard applicators fully breakdown rather than turning into microplastics. Before you say anything about how your period waste always goes into the garbage, I challenge you to come up with one reason why that’s better. It is reported that 45 billion products in relation to periods go into landfills each year and the Ocean Conservancy reported collecting nearly 28 thousand tampons and applicators from beaches in one day back in 2015. This is a female issue. We need to do better.

While we’re talking bathroom items, what are the contents of your medicine cabinet? Are your Q-Tips the kind with a paper or a plastic stick? How did your soap come to you, cardboard box or plastic wrap?

It isn’t always easy to make a better choice.

As the people preparing this world for the next generation it is our duty to take better care of it and that includes making conscious decisions whenever we make a purchase. A life without plastic is 100% possible, however, if that goal isn’t your main priority in life right now you can always just take the steps to cut back on your plastic consumption instead. Every little bit helps.

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