Minecraft Party

Perfect birthday decorations for the Minecraft lover in your life.

Last year our middle little requested a dinosaur birthday and I managed to put together a totally prehistoric birthday bash for him that exceeded my own expectations. This year, thanks to his big brother, Jaxon has been super interested in the game Minecraft and asked to have Minecraft theme for his fourth birthday.



I baked that cake at 1:00 AM after working late, never again. Also pictured: frosted Rice Krispies and homemade (vegan) sugar cookies.


Unfortunately, I didn’t capture many pictures of the decorations but thanks to my wonderful husband and mother in law I do have some pictures to show from the big day. Thank goodness for them.


Jaxon very specifically requested to showcase the bad guys from Minecraft like the creepers, zombies, and enderman (the pig was on display by Archie’s request). Honestly, Minecraft decorations we’re extraordinarily easy to put together because everything is just squares and cubes. For the faces on the wall, all I needed was some basic construction paper ($1 per package at the dollar store) and glue.

Minecraft torchThe birthday banner hanging in the picture above was a little bit more work and involved purchasing a spool of cotton twine which I will link at the bottom of the page. To complete the project I used construction paper, my twine, and some acrylic paints for the details.

I also made some 3D decorations like these Minecraft torches and some large boxes painted to look like blocks of dirt and grass (sadly not documented). The torches were hung up with Command Strips which made them easy to put up on the wall and just as easy to remove. The boys have each decided to keep a torch for their bedroom which was the icing on the cake for me because it solidified how much they liked them. The boys also couldn’t stop themselves from running in and out of the Nether through the Nether Portal that I made for our little nook.



Full disclaimer: I had to restick the letters up to the wall right before the party, and I totally should have bought more purple streamers.


Overall, Jaxon’s birthday was a total hit again this year, next up is little Archie’s party. As promised the link below for the cotton twine, and a link to the This Young Mum Instagram account, thanks for reading!

200-Feet Cotton Twine

Take a peek at Archer’s PJ Mask birthday banner here.

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