The No Cholesterol Choice That Can Help Save You and the Environment

Welcome to this weeks eco-friendly Friday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful work week and is ready to kick off the weekend with some potential new life choices.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you to put on some slippers and cancel all of your plans, although I can recommend some stellar Netflix shows if you need something better to binge. Today’s topic is going to be why you should give nondairy items a chance and what we should really be talking about when we hear the term “fake cheese.”

The CDC reports that nearly one in every three American adults has high cholesterol.


If you research the food items most likely to raise your cholesterol to unsafe levels the results are overwhelmingly animal products and byproducts like meat and dairy. The chart above is an example of where the majority of our saturated fat intake comes from (provided by ResearchGate).


Personally, being a vegan, I bounce around different kinds of non-dairy milk including almond, coconut, cashew, and oat. I’ve even gone as far as to make my own oat milk at home before, which turned out very well (speaking of which I need a new lidded carafe, recommendations welcome). Even though all of these options are better for the environment, it’s clear that almond milk is too close to traditional dairy in regards to water use for me to agree that it is the best eco-friendly option. The vast majority of the almonds grown in the United States are also grown in drought-stricken California making supporting their crops a hazard. All of this is why I began choosing more oat and coconut milk for my own household.

Honestly, if everyone started to incorporate more nondairy milk into their diets I would consider that a big win for their wellbeing and the environment. Nondairy alternatives are usually lower in fat, always lower in cholesterol, and downright delicious. There are tons of different milk options, ice creams, sauces, dressings, and cheeses out there that one doesn’t even necessarily have to give up anything at all to go dairy-free.♥ 

What’s all this talk about fake cheese?

It’s easy to dismiss dairy-free options as “fake” when they aren’t familiar to us, but what’s really in that precious grilled cheese sandwich from your childhood that’s any more “real” than the ingredients in vegan cheese slices? Or how about cheese dusted snacks and cans of spray on cheese? The fact is, nondairy cheese uses a combination of natural ingredients to create something extremely similar to the “real deal” without any of the negative effects on the animals and environment.

So hey, give that non-dairy milk a shot in your cereal this week and if you find that almond isn’t the kind for you, try soy or cashew. Each dairy alternative is unique in its own way so if one isn’t for you, don’t give up the search. Follow This Young Mum on Insta to stay connected and as always, thanks for reading.


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