We Have A Ghost

Oh, my little storyteller.

How I absolutely adore hearing all of the silly little things you have to say.

Jaxon has a way of shifting the guilt from himself to someone or something and really committing to the story, he has a real future in writing fiction. Some of his best work has been spun in the last few months and this one is my favorite.


We had family in town and one of the nights that they stayed there was a box of cupcakes left out on the counter. The box was wrapped, covered and tucked into a bag so I didn’t think anything of it and even reassured myself that the boys wouldn’t bother going through all of that effort to get into it. The next morning I left for work, the cupcakes still right where we had left them.


When I came home from work that day I found out there was a shocking discovery while I was away. There was a ghost in my house. Seemingly unrelated to the cupcakes but this ghost had a sweet tooth and decided to lick the frosting off of five cupcakes and discard the cake bottoms into the sink. Curious if you get an exorcism or a personal trainer for ghost problems like this? Anyhow, Jaxon insisted that he saw a ghost go into the kitchen, take all of the cupcakes and eat the frosting off of them. He insisted that he had nothing to do with their disappearance and truth be told the only witness was him.

Seems like a perfect explanation to me!img_4317

Looking for more of Jaxon’s silly stories?

Read Snack Thief here.

As always, thanks for reading!

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