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Happy eco-friendly Friday you guys!

Today we’re going to talk about the subscription service offered by Grove Collaborative because I have fallen completely in love with their products. The first huge benefit to joining Grove is that you can receive a free five piece gift set with your very first order, I’ll put the link below.

Hey, I like free stuff!

8936193609800629252_img_1212The next big benefit to Grove Collaborative is that they are a company of values and set out to provide you with the very best. The products offered on their site range from personal care to household items and cleaners, all of which are held to high standards. Grove looks for products with recycled or recyclable packaging, reusable bottles which they sell their own concentrated refills for, products that are environmentally conscious and sustainable. All of which are BIG DEALS.

Some of my favorite products include the Grove brand All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, the Lavender + Oatmeal bar soap by Grove, Method toilet bowl cleaner, Grove Cleaning Gloves (so cute), and Aunt Fannie’s Vinegar Floor Wash.

-2409473250194307256_img_1213On a regular basis, I have also bought the Walnut Scrubbing Sponges (love them!), tons of glass spray bottles and all of the other cleaning concentrates offered by Grove. In an effort to reduce our family’s plastic consumption and waste these concentrates have really been coming in handy. In the means of keeping things green, Grove doesn’t clean out my wallet either which seems to be one of the main concerns people voice to me whenever we talk about green cleaning products. In fact, I almost always hear the same two questions.

Do they really clean? Aren’t they super expensive? The answers are a big YES and a big, big NO.

My house has never been cleaner and considering my status as an impulsive neat freak,  that’s really saying something and the prices are extremely competitive with the regular store brands you’re used to. The Grove cleaners, for example, are $5.95 for two concentrated squeeze bottles. That’s less than $3.00 per bottle.

It’s about time we think about the price that the planet is going to pay if we don’t start cleaning up our act, being conscious about our purchases and truly cutting back on our plastic consumption.

Stay tuned to This Young Mum’s Instagram stories for Grove unboxings and much, much more. And follow that link up top to give Grove Collaborative a try for free!


Check out my first Grove Collaborative order here.

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Thanks for reading and cue in next Friday for more help getting eco-friendly.

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