How to Strike a Deal

Parenting in this household can be a whole mess of bargaining, bribes, and deal-making sometimes. At first, it was the occasional “if you clean up we’ll do *insert activity here*, deal?” along with some sweet treat bribery. Now things are getting a little carried away.

After the first few arrangements that I made with Morrison, he became a little businessman himself, setting up deals for us that ultimately always left him with two winning options (smart kid). There was a lot of, “if you buy me that new toy then I will play with you, deal?” Or “if you give me a special treat now then I’ll eat my whole dinner later, deal?”

I don’t think so punk. I’m catching on to your tricks.

Apparently, someone else has been catching on too because little Archie has been trying to strike up deals all over the house. He and Jaxon are so alike that it can be a bit intimidating, they want so many of the same things and rather than bringing them together, their similar interests spark a buttload of debates and flat out fights. Cue Archer trying to make his one-sided deals.

“No, no, no Jaxon. We going to watch my show, deal?”

That sounds more like an executive order, but alrighty then. The deals also come with a certain level of heavy-handedness when things are getting ugly, “I’m going to spank your butt if you do that, deal?” Watch out there’s a new boss baby in town.


Anyone else with a little future CEO trying to call the shots? Fill me in on some funny stories in the comments below or connect with This Young Mum on Insta.


Read all about Archie’s Black Eye here.

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