Potty Mouth

Every parent can relate to what I’m about to share in one way or another. If you can’t relate yet, just wait because I promise it’s coming.

TMI Warning! Over the last few weeks, we were having some pretty annoying issues with our toilet, nothing would go down and even if it did the bowl wouldn’t fill back up. So we plunged it, and plunged it, a hundred times over thinking whatever was clogging up the line would have to come free at some point. Well, it didn’t. Boring details: our landlord came over and the guys pulled the old toilet off and popped a new one in its place. I’m sure it was more difficult than I make it sound but I wasn’t in there assisting so that’s all the news I have in that department.

After removing the old toilet my husband insisted upon smashing it apart to find out was the root of the problem was. I had my theories; toy Batman, little Power Rangers, basically any of the small toys I haven’t had to pick up off the floor recently (things I dubbed as “missing”).

It was a Goofy fridge magnet. One of Archer’s prized possessions and his reaction was the best of all!

We interrogated the boys to figure out which one of them thought it was a good idea to send Goofy on a long-term scuba mission down the toilet. Naturally, they just pointed their fingers at each other but Archer seemed genuinely angry that his precious Goofy magnet was gone forever.

The next night I was in the bathroom washing my face before bed, as per our nighttime routine Archie came bursting in to tell me stories. He walked up to the toilet and proceeded to open the lid, point down into the bowl, and fill me in on how Goofy really met his grim fate.

“Jaxon was being mean to me. He put Goofy in there, he’s mean. I’m going to whoop his a**.”

My jaw hit the floor and I probably turned ten shades of red trying to hold back my laughter. Archer started walking towards the door, mumbling that he was going to “be right back,” and insisting that he needed to go “spank Jaxon’s butt.” I think that outburst solved the mystery for us. Between Archer still missing his Goofy, his emotional outburst and Jaxon’s history of storytelling, it seems like Jaxon is the guilty one here.

Hopefully, this brought a smile to your face and a fair warning to protect your toilet if your kid hasn’t flushed anything weird yet. Stay up-to-date in real time by following on Insta. Link in the picture below.


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