PJ Mask Birthday Banner

One down and two to go.

Our little one’s birthdays fall right in a line from February straight through April, which means we go right from the holiday season into birthday season and that can make things a little pricey. To save on money when it comes to decorations I do my best to make as many of them as possible. This year we did a Minecraft party for my middle little which I, unfortunately, didn’t capture many pictures of (a total bummer because there was everything from a portal to a homemade banner decking out our halls).

For the baby of the family, our little Archie, he decided on a PJ Mask birthday this year which is a lot of fun because it’s a lot of red, blue and green. Very colorful! I had already purchased a big spool of string off of Amazon which I will link here at the bottom of the page. Other than the string all that this project really required was some construction paper which I bought for $1.00 at the dollar store and a little bit of acrylic paint.


The triangles themselves are pretty big, much larger than the Minecraft banner that I made last month and the patterns were really easy for my little man to identify. He saw me making the Catboy triangles (video on Insta) and ran around yelling, “mommy’s making my PJ Mask birthday!” for a good twenty minutes.

Want to see more PJ Mask birthday decorations?
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200-Feet Cotton Twine

Curious about who’s been sneaking all of the treats and blaming everyone else?

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