Accidental Nomads

All my life, my parents have lived in the same place. I came home from the hospital to that house, took my first steps there, and eventually struck out on my own. Since my big move into the adult world nearly six years ago, I’ve moved a bit more than I planned.

For some people moving around is completely natural but I’ve always been the type to crave deep roots. A spot on the wall where we can notch in heights as the kids grow taller and a place that my husband and I can build memories that will last a lifetime. I’ve heard a lot of “be patient” over the years from friends and family whenever I talk about my longing for a permanent address, but I don’t want to be patient anymore.

Patience has never granted me anything that perseverance could not.

We are a family of five. Saving money is incredibly difficult. We have birthdays, holidays, bills, groceries, school supplies, diapers, and clothing (because oh my god boys never stop growing). That’s not even half the list of our monthly expenses. For most people, they stay home with their parents or rent a low(er) cost apartment and pinch their pennies away until they have a down payment. We did things a little out of order and I love that about our family because everything that we have done over the years has built us, but it definitely impairs our ability to tuck away every spare dime.

So how are combatting this unintentional nomadic existence?

  • I’ve been in pretty consistent contact with various mortgage companies shopping around for the best possible offers, and convenience (both are very important for us), as well as checking across the board what we need to make this happen.
  • We’ve tucked away all of our extra money, tax return money, wedding money, and even the “hey it was a five paycheck month” money.
  • Kept an eye on the housing market and available properties the entire time.
  • I have even prepared a good chunk of our belongings by weeding out things we no longer need or use to make the process faster and easier when we finally get there.
  • Altering the place we live! We can’t do too much considering that we rent right now, but making sure our house stays free of clutter and feeling fresh is a good way to beat the blues if you’re getting stir crazy while you wait on word from the bank.

It’s all a process and I’m learning, soaking up whatever information comes our way and hoping for the best. Our current living situation is beautiful and we’re lucky to have the apartment that we do, but I can’t wait to settle down completely and give our boys the home that they deserve.





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