Mommy Blues

Attitude is a funny thing, especially when the person serving it to you relies on you for everything. So if they decide to spit on your pillow and then need their butt wiped, you’re at their mercy.

My sweet, wants to cuddle, eager to please three-year-old is developing a serious case of the nasties lately. There has been a lot of talking mean, throwing things, full-blown tantrums, and thanks to his yelling and his attitude my own is getting the better of me. I hate that! I hate that instant reaction when he yells and I yell louder, it’s not the mom that I wanted to be but I feel hardwired to react that way.

I find myself struggling when time-outs, taking away toys, nap time, and even spanking doesn’t work. What’s left?

Tonight I put him to bed early, made myself some tea, and overindulged in wafers to soothe my mommy blues.

Now I’m desperately diving into the internet searching for a new technique to correct this head butting battle we’re stuck in. My oldest and youngest beans are still cool with me but I need my other little bestie back.

If you have any time tested advice for a momma leave it in the comments below!


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