Counting Down to Wellness

If you’ve been paying close attention to my Instagram account you may have seen the Christmas countdown that’s been going on, which has very unfortunately become a hopeful countdown to wellness.

Little Archie has come down with a case of the extreme sniffles quite suddenly. Poor thing’s nose is completely caked in snot and he’s all nasally when he talks. Of course, with the rest of the cold and flu season still ahead of us, this would have to happen just days before Christmas.

With high hopes of snuffing out whatever germs have wandered unwelcome into our house, I ran out for some a heap of goodies. I came back home with some fruits, vegetables for soup, antioxidant-packed juice, and a bunch of Gatorade.

This momma isn’t messing around.

Right now we’re running a nice warm bath to hopefully let the steam loosen up all of those thick, nasty boogers so we can get them out. Then it’s just a matter of disinfecting every surface that my kid touches and being that he is a toddler, I will inevitably end up disinfecting everything. I’m also going to get my essential oil diffuser going with some Defender Blend from Simply Earth and add in an extra touch of Eucalyptus.

Nothing says “crunchy mom of boys” like battling sickness with all natural cleaners and essential oils.

All of this is giving me severe Christmas of 2014 flashbacks to when my oldest came down with the flu on Christmas Eve and my husband and I were up until 4:00 AM keeping an eye on his fever and trying to calm his tossing and turning. We finally decided to open up presents ridiculously early to try and lift his spirits, which worked temporarily but we still wound up with a miserable monster for the rest of Christmas Day. I have high hopes that nothing like that ever comes our way again because boy, was it nasty.

Anyhow, I have to get to finish drawing this bath so I can get the little sicko in and out, and put a pot of soup on. If everyone could please wish my monster well and as always, thank you for reading!



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