Archie’s Black Eye

A few days before Halloween this year I walked into an honest to goodness horror movie scene starring my own kid. Blood all over the floor, blood all over my two-year-old. I was so incredibly mortified I froze with my hands up in the air.

In case you’ve been wondering about that black eye from our Halloween post this year, this is the story of how that came to be.


Almost fully healed up.

This is one of those bad mommy moments that I’m not entirely proud of, being that I wasn’t in the room when this happened. It was late, we had all gotten settled in, Incredibles 2 was playing before bed, and all three boys were engrossed in the movie. Archer was also playing with Magna-tiles, and with him completely engaged in two things I had no particular reason to be wary of what he might be about to do.

Suddenly there’s this wailing noise coming from the other room, not the “I’m hurt” screams that one would expect but almost the same yell he gives off when his brother takes his toys. I walked into the room and there was just tons of blood. I really can’t emphasize it enough.

He had blood coming from both nostrils and his mouth. It was running down the front of his Mickey Mouse shirt, smeared all over his hands and the floor. 

Just thinking back on it now is making me feel queasy.


I’m ashamed to admit that at that moment I froze. I was so overwhelmed by how much blood there was that I just put my hands up in the air and shook them around for a second before mom-mode kicked back on. His arm was about the only thing I could cleanly grab, and so I did, then lifted his chin and guided him to the bathroom, quickly tending to his face to stop the bleeding. I double (maybe even triple) checked his teeth, tongue, lips, and cheeks to be certain they were fully intact.

Neither of his brothers caught the entire events that unfolded leading to this and only being out of the room for two to three minutes tops (literally), there’s only so much that could have happened. Jaxon was thoroughly convinced that Archie had fallen off of the couch which alone doesn’t really match the injuries. However, in weeks before this event, he had been caught trying to tight-rope walk along the two-inch back of our couch making the “fell off of the couch” idea a little more plausible. There is also the wild way that my boys tend to leap off of things and a bad jump could have easily turned swan-dive causing the goose-egg and black eye that came to be.

No matter what the bottom line is that not only can I not go into my room without my cellphone being microwaved, I cannot step away from this boy for a single moment without chaos striking immediately. *Sighs heavily.* Will I ever sleep again?



I definitely thought my middle little was my thrill seeker but my youngest puts him to shame, always searching for new ways to get hurt or break things. Does anyone else out there have a little ball of mayhem for a child? When does it get less dangerous to let them out of your sight? Let me know below and as always, thanks for reading!




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