Oops! The Elf

With our living space being so open and the boys being too young to know not to touch the elf, our creativity is a little limited when it comes to his day to day activities. Thankfully I have a collection of fellow mommies with toddlers who post their ideas to Facebook and Insta for me to play with.

So, courtesy of a fellow mom’s post, I decided to stick some old gift bows onto the wall for our elf to “climb up.” Unfortunately, the old aspect of the bows really worked against me. The next morning Chippy was on the ground. Luckily my three-year-old who was out of bed before me didn’t see our elf’s crumpled little body behind the dining room table but now I had the pleasure of trying to get him back onto the wall without being spotted with my hands on the elf.

I ran to our junk drawer and pulled out some leftover command sticky strips (never throw away your extras). Then I moved a chair to where the remaining bows were stuck and turned my body to act like a wall between the Christmas tree and our TV, then I hurriedly stuffed his hands and feet back into the bows and commanded that elf to “stay put this time.”

I was honestly sweating.

After that little event I think I totally deserve some kind of award because Chippy stayed stuck all day and then night until the boys were snuggled back in bed.

If you ever plan on letting your elf bow-climb make sure that you use the right tools for the job because sticky bows and tape do not do the trick. As always, thanks for reading and click the picture below to follow This Young Mum on Instagram.


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