My Grove Collaborative

If you have any form of social media I’m sure you’ve seen advertisements for Grove Collaborative at least once in your news feeds (mine pop up on Facebook and Instagram all the time). Typically they include some kind of freebie like a set of Mrs. Meyers cleaning products, which I’m a huge fan of, but they also sell loads of different brands including their own.

The latest ad that I saw included a few items from this pomegranate collection, and to be honest it reeled me in hook, line, and sinker. With my order, I received a free stoneware tray  (I believe they’re still available) and the quality is great so this could be a fantastic gift for someone if it isn’t “your thing.”


I might be a little bit of a compulsive cleaner but I think that anyone could find joy in a Grove Collaborative box. It’s packed like a giant box full of presents and depending on what you’ve chosen for yourself it feels like one too. That’s right, I said what you choose because unlike other subscription boxes it’s not a surprise nor is it a “this or that” option. You pick from tons of different products.


My objective with my first box was to limit the amount of plastic waste coming from my house in regards to cleaning products as I’ve already made a lot of strict cutbacks in other facets of my life. I ordered three reusable glass containers, two for cleaners and one for dish soap and with them, I ordered refills of dish soap and some little concentrate tubes (very limited waste).


The last product that I will go over is one of my favorites. I believe this was also one of the free products that came in with my order and it’s definitely something that I will be ordering again, the packaging it without plastic of any kind (yes!) and the soap is natural.

Our house is a very eco-conscious environment already, posts to follow, but I try to never become complacent with what we’re doing and continue to strive for a smaller footprint. I’m a firm believer that you must “be the change you wish to see in the world” and that every little bit helps, no matter how small it might seem at the time. So make the investments into longterm items, strive to shrink your environmental footprint, and choose products that give you everything you want with none of what you don’t. Eco-friendly options are out there begging to be bought.

If you have any questions about Grove give me a shout below in the comments section and as always, thank you for reading!

Learn more about Grove.
(This is not a sponsored post).


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