Simple Vegan Hot Chocolate

With flurries heading our direction already, it’s time for hot chocolate.

What took me ages to find online took my husband a whole google search to dig up, but while I wait for some vegan hot chocolate packets to come in the mail I made this quick fix. It’s creamy, very chocolatey, and absolutely satisfied my need for cocoa in a hurry.

I’ve heard before how amazing hot chocolate from scratch can be but never experienced it myself. It’s so rich and fulfilling I think everyone should try it at least once so I’m sharing the recipe that I threw together last night.


12oz vanilla almond milk.
4 tablespoons cocoa powder.
2 tablespoons sugar.
1/4 cup vegan chocolate chips.
Dash of cinnamon.

Heat at medium on the stovetop, whisking until hot (but not simmering or boiling). Then just pour it into your favorite mug and enjoy! Instagram saw it first, stay up to date by following the link below to the This Young Mum Insta page and as always, thanks for reading.


Can’t get enough chocolate?

Try the recipe linked below for some vegan hot cocoa cookies! Simple and delicious, these make excellent holiday treats!


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