Halloween 2018

Last year was all about our DIY Halloween but with a great deal on costumes at Target this year I couldn’t resist buying the boys exactly the costumes that they wanted. Except for our little Mickey Mouse addict, he already owned his costume and all of the sass that came along with it.


For the first year since I can remember I went trick or treating somewhere other than the neighborhood that I grew up in which for me is bittersweet. On one side of things, we got to see so many creative costumes like a little Dottie from A League of Their Own, a Rosie the Riveter, and even a giant inflatable squirrel. However, this is also the first year I ever truly felt the need to check my kid’s candy, only because I wasn’t familiar with everyone we visited.

As for the boys, they had a great Halloween.

10796626928_img_0097Mickey Mouse snacked on a piece of candy from every other house, leaving his bag significantly lighter than his brothers and because of his black eye (story to follow) we joked that Minnie caught him with Daisy.

Hulk made a huge effort to enter quite a few people’s homes, insisting at one house that “it was a party.” It was not a party, there was never a party, he was just being extremely nosey and trying to make new friends everywhere we went. There was a house that was doing a haunted house theme on their porch and he was more than excited to go inside.

Our Minecraft Creeper didn’t wear his mask to a single house because it turns out he couldn’t see through the screens but he really enjoyed being Minecraft. He also had a Halloween parade at school the day of which we all were lucky enough to attend, making our day a little extra sweet.

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It will be interesting to see how the boys change over next year and what they choose to dress up as for Halloween 2019. 

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