Kids are Scary

The idea of having kids scares a lot of people and actually being a parent can be terrifying for a multitude of reasons, but then there are the days where you kind of want to look at your kid sideways and inquire if they’re really okay. Know what I mean?o6IaCtD

My oldest, Morrison, has been playing Minecraft on his Kindle for a little while now and since Jaxon must do everything that his big brother does, he’s been trying to play it too.

If you’re not familiar with Minecraft I am not going to explain the entire game to you, an important piece of information though is that there are different settings. In survival mode, you have to forage and mine for all of your supplies and fight zombies and skeletons to survive. In creative mode, however, everything is right at your fingertips and nothing can kill you (for ease, my kids mainly play on creative).

Last week while Jaxon was playing “My Craft” as he calls it, he approached me to show me what he had been doing and on the screen was a pit in the ground full of zombies. I said, “oh wow, look at all of those zombies,” and in response, he throws a villager into the pit and says to me,

“Look, they’re killing him.”

*Insert me taking a step back.*

Revisiting this moment has me laughing out loud because he was so serious about what he was doing and often refers to the zombies in his game as “his guy’s friends.”

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