Potty Training II

Whether or not you have read Potty Training Made Easy, this is the sequel to that post. Putting our second child on the toilet made it clear to me that my previous advice, while still accurate, may not be all-inclusive (I would suspect that there might even be a post that follows this one in the future as our third little one learns his way around the bathroom).

Everything is different the second time around.

With Jaxon we started by taking away the bottles and offering special treats whenever he did his business in the bathroom, much like we did with his older brother, but when we took the diapers away accidents just kept coming. He was perfectly fine with going number one in the bathroom but was terrified at the thought of going poop in there and the more we pushed, the more accidents that occurred. It was at his three-year checkup with the pediatrician when they asked about “how potty training was going.” Feeling like I was failing and we were falling behind, I expressed my concerns and his accomplishments only to be met with a simple “maybe he isn’t ready yet.”

“But I’m ready!”

I can only imagine how sad and desperate for help I sounded because at this point our diaper bill each month was ridiculous with both little ones using them. On the drive home ideas were just running through my head to get this boy into underwear once and for all. I ended up looking at it as two seperate issues. Peeing and pooping.

#1 we had no trouble with. If we put him into underwear the pee always made it to where it needed to be. #2 only happened in the diaper.

The new plan was simple, I told Jaxon to ask for a diaper whenever he wanted to go poop and then continued to work on what little bribe would win him over into being fully potty trained. Candy rewards weren’t working. Prizes didn’t thrill him. High fives were a joke. Trips to the store were no longer appealing. Even tough love, telling him no to the diaper once in a while and putting him on the toilet anyway wasn’t working.

One day when he asked for the diaper, I said no but before the insta-screaming started I asked him a question back. “Don’t you want to poop in the potty and then say see you later poop-gator?” I wiggled, puffed my butt out, made a silly face and flashed him a peace sign, and this kid took the bait! All I had to do was make an absolute fool out of myself and come up with a funny catch phrase and he was all about going to the bathroom for all of his business.

There you have it, how we finally potty trained our second child furthering my belief that you cannot ever treat your children like a one size fits all. No punishment, no reward, and no lessons will ever get through to all your children the same way and no matter how much easier it would be if they were all the same, I love their differences more than I could ever explain.

As always, thank you all for taking the time to read my posts! I appreciate it endlessly. Feel free to share your own stories or ask any questions in the comments section! 

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