Bathroom Poo Spray

This should be in every restroom, especially public ones.

A friend of mine was gifted a bathroom poop spray by her mom not too long ago, which I found hilarious and then in sifting through old Simply Earth recipe cards I hadn’t made yet I found this one for Poo Spray. So I figured I would make one of my own.


I won’t divulge into whether or not I think this works for my own personal bowel movements because as my mother always says, “a skunk doesn’t smell their own stink.” However, I can say that when I decided to give it a test when my middle little said he had to go number two I didn’t smell anything in the bathroom afterward. Success? I would say yes.

It might be quirky but I think it’s cute sitting on the back of our toilet for guests to feel like they can go without leaving a lingering stink, or for our own personal use. Another positive of these fun little recipe cards is that you never really have to worry about running out of these things because you can always just follow your instructions and mix up some more. That’s eco-friendly and pocket-friendly.

You can find more Simply Earth DIYs by following the Crafting category, going to the DIY Home Goods tab in the Menu above or by following This Young Mum on Instagram.

As always, thanks for reading!


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