Why My Kids Aren’t Vegans

This has been a question that I’ve had to answer quite a few times since I went vegan. Are your kids vegan now? And the short answer is no, they’re not. But if I think that veganism is a better diet, better for the economy and the environment then why on Earth would I be feeding dairy, eggs, and meat to my children?

Simply put, their diet isn’t my choice.

Some might argue that it is because I’m their mother. These people, however, might find it normal to try to influence other decisions for their children by inputting their opinions as fact and law in their households. That’s not how this house works. Despite my own beliefs and choices, no matter what I think is best for all of us, it may not be what my children determine to be the best for them in the future.

When I think back on my own childhood, I remember pizza parties at school and having cake and ice cream at my friends birthday party. As unhealthy as some of these choices may have been, they allowed for a sort of freedom that I dread taking away from my own little ones. Instead of completely altering their diet and making certain things untouchable for them, I just do my best to encourage better choices that they don’t necessarily notice. For instance, the majority of the dinners served in this house are vegan because cooking two different dinners got old very fast. The boys love and request almond milk, I use vegan butter for baking/cooking needs, and many of the “special treats” they have for dessert are also vegan-friendly.

To the contrary, they still have a decent amount of meat and dairy because if they don’t eat these things enough, when they do eat them it can cause some serious tummy trouble. For example, if I were to have a glass of cows milk right now I would likely spend the rest of my day curled up in distress taking many trips to the restroom (a mishap with an iced café mocha from a little shop made that perfectly clear months ago).

By the way, how well does making choices for your children really work out in the long run?

Often times I have seen the decisions that parents make for their kids come back to bite them in the butt whether it’s with political choices, religious, or something as seemingly small as their diet. You can force feed your kids broccoli their entire childhood but that won’t make them put it in their fridge as adults. My hope is to encourage cholesterol-free foods, fresh fruits, vegetables, and a high fiber diet. As long as they don’t grow up with the close-minded assumption that vegan food is expensive or gross, I will be a happy mother, but their lifestyle choices are not my choice.

That is why my children are not vegan. 

If you have any questions for me, leave them below.
As always, thanks for reading!


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