Winter Lip Balm

Colder weather is creeping in and if you live in Western New York like I do it’s creeping out, and back in, and back out and you get the point. Back and forth weather patterns do just as much damage to my lips as the winter weather itself, so it’s definitely time for some good lip balms.


As it would happen, when this Simply Earth box came around last winter my husband (such a sweet man) had just bought a couple of really nice vegan, all natural chapsticks for me and I wasn’t in need of any lip balm. So I filed away my recipe cards and ingredients and waited until I felt the need to make them. When I had that bout of laryngitis earlier this month, all of my nighttime mouth-breathing left me with severely chapped lips so on my last day of recovery at home I made up a handful of these little tubes. I even have leftover ingredients to spare so I can make some again when I need to!

The recipe card makes three tubes so I made one and a half batches that way I could fill all four of the tubes that I had as well as a small lip balm container that I had on hand from my last bonus box.

Look how cute this is!


I have to admit I was really nervous about pouring the melty lip balm concoction into the tubes since the recipe card stated that it would harden quickly and I wasn’t trying to get lip balm all over my kitchen. Turns out just putting a plate underneath the tubes trapped what little mess there was. FYI, this was another recipe that called for our tricky little double boiler! If you don’t know how to set up a double boiler you can refer to my notes in the Halloween Candle post.


Follow the link below to stay up to date and as always, thanks for reading!


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