Halloween Candle

If you haven’t checked out Simply Earth subscription boxes yet, and you are a fan of essential oils I have one question for you. What are you waiting for?

Every month you get a package of essential oils, recipe cards and most of the extras you need to complete these recipes mailed directly to you. The essential oils are always changing which is great if you are the type of person who usually just buys the same old oils that you’re used to (that was me). Don’t worry about not knowing what to do with your oils either, the recipe cards are full of ideas.

Like this:


October’s box came along with some all natural candle wax, a wooden wick and some seriously killer essential oils like Citrus Burst, Rosemary and my favorite this month, Cinnamon. The recipe card called for a double boiler, in case you don’t have one and aren’t aware how to rig one let me explain.

A simple DIY double boiler is just a small pan with water in it (not too much) and a metal bowl that rests on top but does NOT touch the water. You turn on the stove, which heats the water and the steam helps to melt whatever is in your metal bowl. Easy, right?

Following instructions, I melted my wax then removed it from heat before adding my essential oils. Make sure you use an oven mitt as the metal bowl can definitely be a little hot. Pour carefully and if you chose a jar that’s a little too big like I did, use a sharp pair of scissors to trim the wick to an appropriate length.


How cute is this?

I was certainly a little skeptical about mixing citrus and rosemary but I have to admit this candle smells heavenly. That’s another thing I love about these boxes, they’re constantly pushing me to make new combinations I would have never even considered before. And there you have it! This little darling could make a perfect present for a loved one or just another lovely little thing to burn this Fall.


For more pictures and information on my Simply Earth subscription, follow This Young Mum on Instagram for live updates when new boxes come! As always, thanks for reading!


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