Easy DIY Art Wall

If you thought painted mugs were an easy DIY (still waiting on a better idea to seal them than Modge Podge) this one will really blow your socks off.

I love simple crafts.

My six-year-old has a lot of art projects that have wound up taped onto his bedroom walls over the last few years and as much as I love seeing his art up, I hate seeing the tape that’s holding it there. I bought some clothespins a while back with the intention of stringing up some twine and making a “clothesline” for crafts, but that didn’t happen.

Then I came across a pile of abandoned Command Strips in my junk drawer and this idea just popped into my head.

Command Strips + clothespins = art wall.


Just trim your Command Strips by slicing them in half and carefully adhere them with the “wall-side” facing up. Then remove the paper and stick them into place on the wall of your choosing. Easy peasy.

We did three rows like this so that he can keep changing the art he chooses to showcase as he completes more projects but can also hang up things like birthday cards and school work that needs to be done. Recently he started bringing home more sight words to practice and sentences to read.

Well, that was easy. Keep an eye out for more simple DIY ideas in the future and as always, thanks for reading! ♥ Remember to stay in touch, follow the link below to our Instagram account.


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