Sunday Funnies

I spent some time recovering from a bought of laryngitis this week. Despite that big bummer, my boys managed to bring me a few silent (and mildly painful) chuckles.

Let’s take it back to Tuesday night.

Given my lack of voice, I was left with nothing but whispers to give my children answers and instructions throughout the night. Come bedtime I was ready to take a long hot shower and shovel down more popsicles. It had been a pretty low key afternoon.

Bedtime in our house is usually the two older boys getting tucked in, their brother giving them both a hug and a kiss, and then my youngest and I watch Muppet Babies or Mickey Mouse until he falls asleep. So after getting my middle little into bed, Archie climbed up to the top bunk for his usual routine. “Give me kiss,” is all that I heard before I watched Jaxon turn around puff his butt into the air. My poor lack of voice, I tried so to tell my two-year-old not to do it.

He kissed him right on the bum.

They both burst into laughter (cue my hoarse and nonexistent giggles).
Little boys are so weird.


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