Mommy Misconceptions

Having kids there are so many things that we think we know, and it gets annoying to hear the repetitive information like, “diapers are expensive,” or “you won’t be able to do *blank* anymore.” Perhaps the best advice, though, comes in the form of eye rolls and chuckles. You know, when you tell a seasoned vet about what your kids are or aren’t going to be like and their years of wisdom send them into a laughing fit?

I can’t tell you how many times I told people that I wasn’t worried about having three kids because they’re boys and boys are easy.

Cue the laughter.

They don’t squeal like little girls do. They don’t throw big hissy fits. Certainly, no one will complain that I’m brushing their hair too hard. And they will never fight like cats and dogs the way that sisters do.

Yea, I really believed all of that.

Then. Even after being wrong about everything that I listed above I was still under the assumption that I always knew what was coming next, how they’d behave, that they wouldn’t get physical with each other like other boys do. Not only do they beat up on each other, but they beat up on me too! Poor moms of boys get it bad because little rough and tumbles don’t even realize when they’re being rough. I have been jumped on, stood on, tripped, fallen on, playfully bitten, accidentally whacked, and more. Not because my kids are evil, disrespectful little turds or anything just because that’s how they play with each other and I think I might just be a tiny bit more sensitive than they are. Not to mention, I bruise like a peach.

Life is for learning and those are my biggest mommy misconceptions. Tell me about yours below and as always, thanks for reading!


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