Hand Painted Mugs

I have been holding onto these little mugs for seven years and just couldn’t figure out what they might be good for since I prefer really large cups of coffee. So they’ve moved around with us as we’ve made our way from place to place and in cleaning out the back of the cupboard the other day I found them. And so…

I decided they needed some love.

I’m still not entirely sure what purpose they will serve in the future. Maybe they’re to sell? Maybe they’re a gift? Or perhaps they’ll find their way hanging above the coffee station I long to have in our future home. Anyhow here they are in all of their newly painted glory.


I used basic acrylic paint but haven’t sealed them just yet because which type of sealant to use is still a mystery to me. I know that they’ll obviously have to be hand-washed no matter what, but I don’t know what will stand the test of time the best. On Pinterest, it seems like Modge Podge is the go-to for projects similar to this, but I’m curious if a clear coat of spray paint might be workable or if that would have a toxic outcome.

Any clues?

I’ll keep you updated on Insta with the outcome.


Until next time, thanks for reading!



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