Sunday Funnies

One of my favorite things about parenting is watching my kids try to get away with things but have no clue how suspicious they’re acting.

You know, they get the giggles and start pointing the finger at each other but no one has any idea who actually committed the crime? 

My oldest is guilty of always saying, “I didn’t do it,” with a huge smile on his face before I even know that anything has happened as if that isn’t a dead giveaway. Then there’s my youngest who seems to have forgotten his own name. In moments where the suspicion lands on him, he likes to point at his brother and say, “Archie did it,” (except he’s Archie).

And my absolutely adorable three-year-old, his go-to line always cracks me up on the spot which makes it really difficult to punish him. He just walks past me and for no reason says,


To which I ask, “nothing what?”

Which is normally when he puts his hands behind his back and replies with, “nothing, I not doing anything.”



How do your kids try to get out of trouble?

Tell me below! And as always, thanks for reading! 


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