Painted Rocks

When I was younger my mom set up this crafting table in our garage one summer for my friends and me to do all kinds of things and one of the crafts that we did an awful lot of that year was painting rocks. Fast forward to 2018, and everyone is painting rocks and leaving them all over the place.

Sidenote: is this rock hiding happening near you or is it just a local thing around WNY?

Because of the current painting rock craze we happened to have a stack of beach stones in the mudroom for the longest time that my husband’s Aunt had brought over. They sat, and they sat, and they sat because I just couldn’t come up with any ideas that I liked for them. Then one night in the midst of planning wedding crafts and DIYs, I thought how cute it would be to have some hand painted stones places around throughout the wedding.

A few of these ideas are organic and a couple came from Pinterest. Hopefully, someone else can get some use from this idea. All you need are some paints, smooth beach stones, and a clear coat. I used these to hold question cards down in wire baskets out on the tables.


The baskets were a Dollar Store deal and I believe cost me about $3 or $5 a piece and the cards were both advice cards as well as a “who did it first” game meant for a bridal shower. The plan was to give guests a little something to do before and after eating if they didn’t find themselves at the crayon table which was fun all in itself. We covered one entire stretch of tables in white butcher paper and placed a gigantic box of crayons on the table for all of the little ones to play with.

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As always, a big loud thank you for reading! 


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