Entwined Vases

See what I did there? Vases wrapped in twine, entwined?

Cheeky humor aside, these were another really simple (wildly inexpensive) DIY that I put together for our wedding. If you’ve read over or even made, the paper flower pots you probably have yourself a spool of twine by now. That and some glass bottles (along with your hot glue gun) are all you need for this project.

These bottles were yet another leftover from the bridal shower! I think reusing and repurposing the decorations from one really important day into another made these projects a lot more fun. In addition to that, it made it quite cost-effective. I definitely recommend looking around your bridal shower at the end of the day and kind of playing around with what you can do to change and/or reuse some of the decorations.


The most complicated part of wrapping the bottles is ensuring that you apply hot glue in enough places that the twine will not slip, but without letting the hot glue show. Sure it dries “clear” but that doesn’t necessarily make it invisible.

You can use these for a dozen different purposes, but perhaps the most obvious would be to place a few flowers in there and call it a day. *Peep those paper flower pots in the front.*


That’s all for today you guys! Go ahead and click that Insta-link above to stay up to date in real time, and as always, thanks for reading! ♥ 

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