Sunday Funnies

Back in about January, I think it was, I purchased a new dining room table for our family because the one that we previously owned was only big enough for a few of us to sit at. It just wasn’t practical and not having enough seats or space for all five of us really bothered me.

Dinner together was always a staple growing up.

So I really needed to be able to do that with my little family as well. Online there were tons of options for adorable six seaters and on Wayfair I found this cutesy table and chair set for a really reasonable price. Silly me, I thought it came put together (so that was quite the wake-up call).

Once I managed to build myself a table it just seemed really blank and empty when we weren’t at it. Certainly, I couldn’t put anything glass in the center and a runner just seemed like asking for trouble. Back to the good ole’ trusty internet.

Amazon, which knows me far too well, told me I should buy this fruit bowl and I listened, I filled it with apples, clementines, and bananas and it was beautiful until someone discovered that they had access to the apples without permission whenever they wanted.


It really wasn’t a big deal, and the fruit bowl remained in place until the first time I brought home grapes (which we cut up before serving) so I moved the bowl up high while they’re in the house. Despite the bad look of a rotting apple on your dining table, I still recommend getting a fruit bowl and leaving it where the youngsters can reach to promote healthy snacking.

Silly kids.


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